Punches and Matrices

Delzano Srl was soon brought to the attention of operators in the sector for the high quality of its products. The strong propensity for innovation combined with the pursuit of continuous improvement, have allowed us to become a technologically advanced company in the field of punching molds.

The knowledge we have gained from the relevant experience in the construction of punches and dies, has confirmed the belief that the use of superior quality equipment always ensures excellent production results. For this reason all the articles are produced with the best materials and the best treatments and our production processes maximize the precision and duration of the tools, ensuring the machines optimal performance with great benefits in terms of quality and cost savings.

Our tools are compatible with most punching machines on the market today.

Product range punches and dies for punching machines:

  • Amada
  • Finn Power
  • Rainer
  • Trumpf
  • Salvagnini
  • Wiedemann
  • EuroMAC

Quality Check

Quality check: to ensure the quality of processes, products, machinery and equipment.

To ensure quality, processes, products, machinery and equipment must meet a number of legal and contractual requirements. The complete quality control and certification services offered by us ensure compliance with all specified requirements.

Delzano Srl mechanics possess the safe skills and the indispensable resources to perform a quality control. In addition, providing inspection, verification, certification and analysis services, we are the first reference for customers who wish to ensure quality in all their products. We can therefore guarantee you trained and qualified technical personnel for the quick control of the quality of processes, products, machinery, equipment and systems of finished products.

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