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The actual production of the product takes place in the cold sheet molding department. The machine park includes a series of tonnage presses between 40 and 200 t and is equipped with both traditional hydraulic machines and the recent electric machines, all in the network for a better control of the molding process; the internal mold construction workshop guarantees then the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the molds in reduced times.

The peculiarity of the company is the ability to print with extreme flexibility, as well as Iron coils also Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, and Aluminum. All the materials we work on require appropriately constructed and conditioned molds and must be mounted on specially equipped presses for molding.

In addition to the molding of metal alloys, Delzano s.r.l. it works in the production of small series but also of large and continuous batches of finished products: according to the requests, the process is completed with the tumbling, galvanizing treatments, assembly and packaging, ensuring delivery times that meet the specifications customer’s need.


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